“As we search for meaning in our life's work, we also seek ways to inspire others to do the same.

 As president of a nonprofit institute whose members embrace design thinking, I discerned how best to engage our leaders at the Annual Board Retreat in a memorable way. Two years later, participants remember and remark on their Ikebana experience of self-discovery, artistry and generosity made possible by Ellen and her quintessential choreography. The very sincerity  and authenticity realized when in the company of Ellen is not soon forgotten. Since, I do not see a flower the same...”

Kathy Okland RN, MPH, EDAC

Past President, Nursing Institute for Healthcare Design


"Chiaroscuro; the use of strong contrasts between light and dark that affect a whole composition.

As an architect, I practice the balance between science and art every day, but what I learned from Ellen Hansen was the delicate nature of bringing art to life through nature, and in this case her Mindful Flowers philosophy. Ellen has a special gift for teaching her craft, and all the while, allowing the individual to express their artistry, in a peaceful and intentional way. I learned that breath, life and flowers are all intertwined in our world; Ellen’s energy emits life in her movement, her words and her spirit. When you come to Mindful Flowers, you will have an experience that will influence your work, and your life in ways you had never imagined."

Kimberly Montague AIA, EDAC, LEED AP

Knowledge & Insights Program Lead

Herman Miller Healthcare


"Working in healthcare design for over 25 years, I've worked with many competent and supportive professionals but none so creative, inspirational and thought provoking as Ellen Hansen. Ellen brings new perspectives to everything she does. She challenges the norm.  She's genuine, intelligent, and focused. 

While at Herman Miller, Ellen created and facilitated an Ikebana floral arranging event that was so successful that we had a waiting list around the country with clients interested in participating. In these events, Ellen captivated her attendees with her quiet, gentle and supportive teachings around the use of flowers for meditation and rejuvenation. She left participants amazed by what they could do and what would create. I vividly remember Ellen working with one particular client of mine, a physician from Pakistan who returned to multiple sessions to practice his new art.

I miss working with Ellen but our friendship continues." 


International A+ D Consultant- Healthcare


"As a creative person, I’ve worked with many media but never flowers. I was intimidated. I wanted to make great designs, didn’t want to be wasteful. The possibilities were endless. I was anxious but in short amount of time I learned to relax and listen to Ellen’s instruction and could do no wrong. We were all mesmerized by what we were creating and how we felt when our brains were working in this way. It is a fun and beautiful practice and Ellen is an amazingly positive, joyful force of nature."

Beverly Lambert - artist, interior designer/ manager, engaged participant

Through meditation and the art of Ikebana-style flower arranging, Ellen offers us the gift of deeply connecting with our felt-sense of being in our bodies, then allowing that experience to extend into our way of seeing, touching, and being with flowers, leaves, and grasses in the creative expression (or art) of flower arranging.

Geri Stewart - friend, wise counsel, spiritual leader, Portland, OR.

Ellen Hansen, through her work with Mindful Flowers, is a true artist. The arrangements she created for our annual fundraising gala are nothing short of breath-taking. The subtle beauty of her centerpieces - the simple elegance and artistry of her arrangements - brings the room to life. She inspires our guests with her thoughtful, intuitive creations.

- Sam Hendricks, Managing Director, Peace in Schools