Inspired by the rich textures of the flora of the Pacific Northwest, Lush Floral Arts represents the complex and luxurious environments surrounding Portland, Oregon.

The style of Lush Floral Arts is naturalistic but influenced by the Japanese floral art form, Ikebana and Asian design principles.

This work is known for an emphasis on leaves, branches and moss and shares the wide variety of greenery found in the local forests including moss.

Each arrangement is unique and inspired by the combination of nature and the context for the floral art. The occasion for this natural floral piece is given upmost attention. Additionally, both the person ordering and the recipients are carefully considered to create a special and meaningful context for the floral gift.

Lush Floral arts is a conscious approach to floral art that has dimension, depth and aliveness. The overarching effect is a sense of sacred stillness and is reminiscent of the calming balm of a walk in the forest.

Examples of actual arrangements can be found in the gallery section. Additionally, here are some concepts to consider-

Peace for the New Year

Forest Bathing

Old Growth Forest Holiday Celebration

Winter into Spring

Ode to Spring


Yippee its finally summer!!

I love the rain!

Zen Bounty

Sacred Altar

In stillness beauty blooms

Garden of life

Breath of Color

Present moment Stillness

I want to live in this garden!

Evening blossoms

Mossy, succulent bounty

The 4 seasons - set of four

Ikebana forest

Ikebana garden

The 4 elements

Sensory experience